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Mysticism Black Vs Mysticism III 69
VsScience/Mysticism/Black: some contemporary critics might say "the so-called science (the "academic" one that arouses their hostility) has proved that real science (mysticism, etc.) is impossible." BlackVsMysticism: the price for giving up objectivity is much higher: it is also the task of the commonsense view of the everyday world. III 70 Naïve realism/Black: the commonsense view is often called naïve realism but it is definitely correct in all essential respects of dealing with the outside world. ((s) The scientist pushes the red button instead of the green one, because he believes that both exist. Def Objective orientation/Terminology/Black: By that I do not mean "everyday ontology", but something that underlies it: we have an objective orientation of perception. Violating it leads to madness and self-destruction.

Black I
Max Black
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Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung, G. Meggle (Hg) Frankfurt/M 1979

Black II
M. Black
The Labyrinth of Language, New York/London 1978
German Edition:
Sprache. Eine Einführung in die Linguistik München 1973

Black III
M. Black
The Prevalence of Humbug Ithaca/London 1983

Black IV
Max Black
"The Semantic Definition of Truth", Analysis 8 (1948) pp. 49-63
Truth and Meaning, Paul Horwich Aldershot 1994