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Dualism: the idea that the entities in a considered domain cannot be unified. In philosophy e.g. spirit and matter. Monism in contrast, confirms that unity is possible and that a separateness can not be claimed. Sie also property dualism, monism.
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Ryle, Gilbert
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Dualism II 258
Dualism/Descartes / Flor: 1. the body is in space and time, the mind only in time - 2. the body can be described mechanically, the mind can not - 3. the body is publicly observable, the mind is private - 4 . a person has direct knowledge, (privileged access) through introspection and evidence of their consciousness - other minds can never be accessible - 5. spirit is understood as the sum of inner processes and conditions that may in turn cause physical processes or activities and states - RyleVs: mechanical processes can not act on quasi-mechanical processes - and vice versa.

Ry I
G. Ryle
Der Begriff des Geistes Stuttgart 1969

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