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Lewis, David
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Qualia I 54
Qualia Theory VsMaterialism, functionalism Vs: E.g. you never tried Vegemite (the famous condiment).Therefore you do not know how it is, to taste Vegemite. Neither information on the nature, nor of the materialists and functionalists helps. But when you taste it, you will know how it is. Therefore, there is a kind of information that has been overlooked by materialists and functionalists, the phenomenal information.
I 55
LewisVsQualia-Theory/MaterialismVsPhenomenalism: There is absolutely no such information. Knowledge, as it is, is not at all possession of information. It is not the exclusion of any previously open opportunities.
I 55
Knowledge as it is, is rather the possession of skills, not information. From skills to recognize something, imagine, predict behavior.

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