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Nagel, Thomas
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Realism The mere recognition of a distinction between appearance and reality provides no way to discover reality. I 119

Def Internal realism: our seemingly objective world view should be understood as if it was essentially a creative product of our language and our points of view, the truth of our beliefs is to be understood as their continuation in the context of an ideal development of the corresponding point of view.
I 130
Putnam: Def truth is nothing but "idealized rational acceptability". LL.
And as long as "acceptability" means the same as "acceptability for us", the logical gap between thought and the world will disappear.

NagelVsPutnam: The internal realism fails on its own test of rational acceptability. What we actually accept is a worldview which confirms or denies our perceptions. Even our interpretation of quantum theory and the related observations would be a view of the suchness of the world, even if a physicist says it could not be interpreted realistically.
It would not eb a view that would rightly be limited by means of an "internalist" interpretation. Our point of view is a set of beliefs that concern the real suchness, while admitting that there is much we do not know.
The only method for establishing the rational acceptability is to think about whether it is true. I 130 ff

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