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Russell, Bertrand
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Bertrand Russell
Relations Geach I 320ff
Relation/Principia Mathematica/Russell/Geach: sentences of the form "Fab" must be treated as individual copies of the form "Ya", i.e. a sentence that says how A is related to B is a particular type of the predication of a.
Quine: E.g. Edith envies everyone who is happier than Edith - Herbert is not happier than anyone who envies Herbert; so we prove that Herbert is not happier than Edith - solution: addition of assumptions: either A "Edith envies Herbert" or B "does not" - Problem: in A "envies Herbert" is a term, in B "happier than Edith". - We cannot form a predicate with a name as we need it - therefore the relations must be predicative - relational propositions make predications about the related things A and B - then it makes sense to say that there is something in A which answers the predication, but if we apply the same sentence to B, there is nothing that answers the relation - It is unnatural to regard the state of "being envied" as a property of Herbert.
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Russell I 48
Relation/Russell: D"R: class of all terms that have the relation R to this or that thing -" R"y": "the R of y": "the father of y".

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