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Truth, philosophy: a property of sentences, not a property of utterances because utterances are events. See also truth conditions, truth definition, truth functions, truth predicate, truth table, truth theory, truth value, correspondence theory, coherence theory.
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Dummett, Michael
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Truth EMD II 83
Truth/Dummett: comes from the act of asserting - closely related: correctness: saying something true means to say something correct.
EMD II ~ 87
Truth/Dummett: is an objective property of what a speaker says - and this is independent of the knowledge of the speaker or his utterance reasons - Truth explainable by more primitive notion of correctness - (correctness of sentences about the future, question, command).
EMD II 115
Truth/Dummett: still necessary for deductive inferences - def valid/Dummett: an inference that contains truth.
- - -
Dum I 26ff
Correspondence Theory/coherence Theory: meaning prevails over truth - Davidson: Truth prevails over meaning (truth conditions are defined later by the theory). - Dummett both together!
Use/truth/Wittgenstein/Dummett: use theory makes concept of truth superfluous > meaning before truth
III 8/9
Truth/Dummett: better: winning the game - necessary: ​​in addition declare that the goal is winning, not losing! - Part of the concept of truth is the stated goal to only make true statements.
DummettVsFrege: The aim of the truth must be established before claiming, otherwise one could express the same thought, but deny it.
III 29
Truth/Dummett: in reality it is mostly about the distinction between designated /non-designated truth values
III 40
Truth/meaning/Dummett: "It is true that p if ... iff" is not sufficient - Use: Each conditional must be given a specific meaning. - We must be able to already understand "If P, then it is true that P"
III 45
Truth/Dummett: that through which a statement is true is that by which it can be recognized as true
- - -
Putnam II 214
Truth/Dummett: = Justification - Dummett believes in final verification - PutnamVsDummett: merely idealized verification possible. - The assertibility conditions for any sentence are not manageable. - We get to know the meaning conditions by acquiring a practice; that is not an algorithm, they cannot be formalized - hence rationality cannot be formalized either.

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