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Event: A change of state. The event itself has no duration, otherwise the beginning and the end of the event would have to have their own duration or the beginning and the end of an event in turn would be independent events. See also regress, process, flux, change, states.
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Hintikka, J.
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Events I 81
Event/Hintikka: an event cannot be moved in space time. That is, that events can only be identified if the worlds have a common history.
Event/cross-world identification/Hintikka: an event is relative to a propositional attitude. For this we need a better foundation of the theory.
Identification/Spacetime/KripkeVsHintikka/QuineVsHintikka/Hintikka: both admit (for various reasons) that space-time continuity does not always have a precise meaning.
SaarinenVsHintikka: the identity of individuals, which occur in several worlds, is not always well-defined for all in this possible world.
Hintikka: dito: in belief contexts it may be that an individual is identified under one description, but not under another.
This must also be the case, otherwise we would be, in a sense, omniscient again.
Possible worlds: we must also be careful to assume a "common reason" from all possible worlds. We certainly do not share a part of space-time, but part of the facts. ((s) epistemic rather than ontological).
World/Tractatus/Wittgenstein/Substance/Hintikka: in Wittgenstein, the world is the sum of the facts, not of the objects: to a shared space-time this would only be by additional assumptions.
Cross-world identification/Hintikka: seems lost when we are dealing only with a set of facts ((s) epistemic) and a common space-time is missing.
I 82
Re-identification: re-identification of physical objects is necessary first to get to the cross-world identification later.

Hin I
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