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Politics: Politics is the process of making decisions in groups. It is about how people come together to allocate resources, settle disputes, and make choices about how to live together. See also Democracy, Society.
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Islam on Politics - Dictionary of Arguments

Höffe I 121
Politics/Islam/Höffe: In political thought, Islam is shaped by two different traditions, a sacred jurisprudence, the fiqh, which is based on religious dogmas, and a philosophy shaped by the Greeks, the falsafa. Both consider the holy book, the Koran (Arabic reading), to be much more than a mere religious writing.
Qur'an: Since the Qur'an does not know the New Testament's implied separation of a state, largely secular sphere from a divine, religious sphere ("Give to the emperor what is of the emperor, and to God what is of God"(1), Islam consists of a radical theocentric culture that goes right to the roots: To religious thinking here the political belongs inseparably to it, political thinking in turn is so closely connected with religious thinking that an independent, only political thinking is to a large extent foreign to Islam, as at least with Augustine also to Christianity.
Al-Farabi: Even with the probably most important political philosopher of classical Islam, al-Fārābī, the political ideal lies in a form of rule that is called "Caesaropapism" in the West, namely in a unity of secular and religious authority.

1. Matthew 22,21

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Höffe I
Otfried Höffe
Geschichte des politischen Denkens München 2016

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