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Denotation, naming: specify a word or phrase for an object. Related terms description designation.
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Geach, Peter T.
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Denotation I 28
Denotating expression/Russell/Geach: is a general term after the prefix the, one, every, all, some, etc.
I 93f
Denotating expression/Geach: E.g. Robinson made a lot of money by selling it: no sentence - "it" without antecedent no denotating expression - but if a word chain does not have a logical role in a particular context, it does not mean that it never has one - E.g. Jones has a car and Jones daughter drives it. "has a car" is not denotating: "p and Jones' daughter drives it" - also not: "there is a car ..." for "p" then: p and that is driven by Jones' daughter - wrong solution criteria for "real incidents": can also be of the wrong kind - E.g. "the only one who ever stole a book from Snead ... " > Anapher.
I 190f
Denotation of sentences/Carnap/Geach: E.g. DES(English) "red" is red, DES(French) "l'eau" is water etc. - for all x, x is true in L ⇔ DES(L) x - this offers a definition of "true in L" in terms of "denotation in L"- if it is grammatically not a complete sentence, it is nevertheless in the logical sense - it means roughly: "mon crayon est noir" is true in French" - because "DES(English)"Chicago is a large city" is a complete sentence, "DES(English)" is not a relation sign. We cannot ask "what is it what it denotates," as we cannot ask, "what is it that it rains?"
I 204
Denotation/naming/names of expressions/mention/use/Geach: E.g. A. or is a junctor - if this sentence is to be true, then only when the first word is used to denotate that of which the sentence says something - "or" is only a junctor (E.g. "but" is a junctor or a verb") in special contexts - therefore "or" is not used autonym in A (does not denotate itself) - the first word in A is no example here - it is a logical subject, so in the sentence no junctor, so the sentence A is wrong - ((s) with and without quotation marks that were saved here) - (s) or can only be used as a connection, when it is mentioned, it is no longer a connection - mention/use.

Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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