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Habermas IV 342
Environment/System/Parsons/HabermasVsParsons/Habermas: Problem: Parsons uses the term ambiguously: a) for the status of an environment superior to the action systems and at the same time b) for the action systems internal environment, which is nevertheless deprived of empirical properties of a system environment.
Habermas IV 371
Parsons establishes a hierarchy between behavioral system, personality, social system, and culture in such a way that the lower one corresponds to the respective
Habermas IV 372
higher system in used energy, which is superior to the lower system in terms of information and control performance. This gives the cultural system the position of a sovereign of control.
Habermas: Parsons not only sets the course for a cultural determinism, but differentiates between two categories of environments: a) at the lower pole the natural or empirical environment, b) at the opposite pole an environment of a non-empirical, supernatural nature. (1)

1.T. Parsons, “Social Systems”, in: Parsons, Social Systems, 1977, S. 181.

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