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Discrimination: Discrimination is the unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups based on characteristics such as race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. See also Racism.
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Utilitarianism on Discrimination - Dictionary of Arguments

Gaus I 224
Discrimination/Utilitarianism/Lamont: While many utilitarians claim that economic or legal discrimination against ethnic minorities will not maximize overall utility, they do not provide the evidence required to support their claims against the populist politicians advocating such policies. Partly, this is due to the complexity of the required evidence, but a further counterintuitive element of the theory is that the consequences, for overall welfare, of discriminatory practices include such contingencies as the size of the ethnic minority and whether the majority has racist beliefs and preferences.
Few reasonable people, outside academia, are willing to embrace a theory according to which
racist policies and institutions are morally right so long as the ethnic minority is small enough. So substantial stumbling blocks have been encountered in the utilitarian justification for expanding the government's role from improving the welfare of the poor to maximizing overall welfare.
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Lamont, Julian, „Distributive Justice“. In: Gaus, Gerald F. & Kukathas, Chandran 2004. Handbook of Political Theory. SAGE Publications

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Gaus I
Gerald F. Gaus
Chandran Kukathas
Handbook of Political Theory London 2004

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