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Verificationism, philosophy: verificationism is, in the narrower sense, the view that the meaning of statements consists through the method of their verification (their confirmation). It follows that statements which cannot be verified are ultimately meaningless. See also anti-realism, realism, empiricist sense criterion.

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II 47/48
Verificationism/Dummett: Contradictory term to McDowell's sense which is based on truth: the doctrine that mastery of language is acquired only through the acquisition of linguistic behavior. - Problem: Bivalence - if we accept it, then no behavior in undecidable sentences is possible - this is typical for the realism. - Solution/Dummett: justifiable assertion.
II 62
Verificationism/McDowell: Problem: The meaning of the concepts of truth and falsehood cannot be acquired by means of evidence (how one acquires concepts usually). - However, evidence for the truth of sentences (so both together). - McDowellVs: because a non-empirical Tarski theory is included by the theory of sense, it does not follow that susceptibility for evidence is excluded, it is necessary for the attribution of beliefs.

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McDowell I
John McDowell
Mind and World, Cambridge/MA 1996
German Edition:
Geist und Welt Frankfurt 2001

McDowell II
John McDowell
"Truth Conditions, Bivalence and Verificationism"
Truth and Meaning, G. Evans/J. McDowell,

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