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Religious beliefs: in contrast to other beliefs, religious beliefs are usually not subject of a questioning. Thus, for example, this is not about the probability of their application or the possibility of their refutation. Even if there are religious arguments, belief itself is not argumentative. See also beliefs.
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Ancient Philosophy on Religious Belief - Dictionary of Arguments

Adorno XIII
Religious Belief/Antiquity/Adorno: the more unconditioned the violence of the great states gets, that is, first the Alexandrian in Hellenism and then the Roman Empire, the more is the privacy left to the arbitrariness of the individual, as far as it does not directly influence the state.
The substantial unity between the objective religion and the consciousness-contents of the individual is already torn in this period, and consequently forms a problem for all thinkers of that epoch. E.g. >Epicurus
Taureck I 43
Religion/Antiquity: According to Athenian law, the person who worshiped gods other than those of the city was already considered to be an atheist.
>God/Plato, >God/Aristotle.

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Ancient Philosophy
Taureck I
B. H.F. Taureck
Die Sophisten Hamburg 1995

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