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John Bowlby (1907-1990), British psychologist, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst. His major works include Attachment and Loss (1969, 1973, 1980), A Secure Base: Parent-Child Attachment and Healthy Human Development (1988), and Separation: Anxiety and Anger (1973). His fields of specialization were attachment theory, child development, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, and psychology.

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Bowlby, John Affectional Bond   Affectional Bond
Bowlby, John Attachment Theory   Attachment Theory
Bowlby, John Behavioral System   Behavioral System
Bowlby, John Drives   Drives
Bowlby, John Energy   Energy
Bowlby, John Goals   Goals
Bowlby, John Interaction   Interaction
Bowlby, John Memory   Memory
Bowlby, John Motivation   Motivation
Bowlby, John Psychoanalysis   Psychoanalysis
Bowlby, John Relationships   Relationships
Bowlby, John Representation   Representation
Bowlby, John Stimuli   Stimuli
Bowlby, John Terminology   Terminology
Bowlby, John Unconscious   Unconscious
Bowlby, John Working Models   Working Models

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