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Species: groups of individuals based on common characteristics. See also biological species, natural kinds.

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Louis Agassiz on Species - Dictionary of Arguments

Gould I 176 ff
Species/Louis Agassiz/Gould: Agassiz was, according to Gould, the most important American biologist in the 19th century, born in Switzerland, died in 1873, an opponent of racial discrimination, but a little chauvinistic because of his upper class background.
Agassiz thesis: Species are static, created circumstances. In his day, Agassiz was practically the only non-Darwinian.
At that time, questions were discussed such as: Was Adam the great-grandfather of all men or just the white men? Are black people and Indians our brothers or do they just look like us?
I 179
The polygenists - including Agassiz - believed that each species was created separately. Characterizations by Agassiz: the brave, irrepressible and proud Indian next to the servile, submissive Negro and the tricky, clever and cowardly Mongolian. (1) (See also Evolution/Agassiz).

1. L. Agassiz,

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Agassiz, Louis
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