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Aspect: perspective from which an object or a problem is considered. Problematic when aspects, views, perspectives are objectified. They are not part of the object, but consist in the relation to the object.

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John R. Searle on Aspects - Dictionary of Arguments

VI 169
Def Primary Aspect/Searle: if nothing fulfills the primary aspect, the speaker had nothing in mind (he/she just thought he/she had it), e.g. hallucination. The statement cannot be true.
Def Secondary Aspect/Searle: a secondary aspect is any aspect expressed by the speaker to which the following applies: the speaker tries to talk to him/her about the object that fulfills his/her primary aspect, but is not himself/herself meant to be part of the truth conditions that the speaker wants to make.
There must be a primary aspect to each secondary aspect.
VI 169/170
Example: the man with the champagne in the glass over there. Even if it is water, the man is still standing over there.
The secondary aspect does not appear in the truth conditions.
For example, we both look at the same man, even if he is not Smith's murderer.
For example, even if Shakespeare did not exist at all, I can say: "Shakespeare did not design the figure of Ophelia as convincingly as the Hamlets." (Secondary aspect).
Searle: this statement can also be true.
- - -
II 75
Aspect/Searle: an aspect has no intermediate instance like sensory data. ((s) Therefore, there is also no risk of regress as with all intermediate instances.)
Searle: there is a morning star aspect and an evening star aspect of Venus.
If it is not a case of perception, the intentional object is always represented under some aspect, but what is represented is the object and not the aspect!
II 76 ff
Rabbit-Duck-Head: Wittgenstein: the rabbit-duck-head exhibits various uses of the word "see". SearleVsWittgenstein: we see not only objects but also aspects. We love people, but also aspects.
- - -
III 185
Representation: each representation is bound to certain aspects, not to others. >Rabbit-Duck-Head.

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