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Instantiation: Instantiation is the creation of a specific example of something from a general concept or template. See also Universals, Exemplification, Generality, Occurrance.
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John Bigelow on Instantiation - Dictionary of Arguments

I 39
Instantiation/Universal/Antisymmetry/Bigelow/Pargetter: Instantiation is an antisymmetric relation:
If x instantiates y, y cannot inversely instantiate x.
Order: from the antisymmetry arises an order that can be
a) linear
b) a tree structure. For example, the relation "parents of".
, >Relations, >Universals.
I 94
Instantiation/Bigelow/Pargetter: (see above Chapter 2) cannot be a universal itself. (Example: chemical molecules require more than one instance of a universal, the element. Absurd: 2 hydrogen atoms cannot be two different universals within one molecule).
Universals/Strawson: (1959)(1) there is a "non-relational connection" between a particular and a universal.
Armstrong: (1978)(2): ditto.
>Universals/Armstrong, >Universals/Strawson.

1. Strawson, P.F. (1959). Individuals: An essay in descriptive metyphasics. London: Methuen.
2. Armstrong, D.M. (1978). Universals and scientific realism. Cambridge University Press.

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Big I
J. Bigelow, R. Pargetter
Science and Necessity Cambridge 1990

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